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Best of Jayne/Wayne County and The Electric Chairs, The


Catalogue No: NBN1D

As you might expect, some of these tracks are EXPLICIT...


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Wayne County: Vocals
Jayne County: Vocals
Greg Van Cook: Guitar
Eliot Michaels: Lead Guitar
Henri Padovani: Rhythm Guitar
Val Haller: Bass
Peter Jordan: Bass
J.J. Johnson: Drums
Sammy Mirelli: Drums
Morgan Fisher: Hammond organ, Synthesiser, Vox organ & piano
Darryl Way: Violin
Jools Holland: Piano
David Cunningham: Synthesiser

Martin Birch/David Cunningham/Mervyn Slime/The Electric Chairs/Stacy Heydon
Mixed by Jayne County & Eliot Michaels

During the '70s two bands in N.Y.C. were to lay down the rules for all that followed of a rock outrage movement which rumbles more loudly every day. If the N.Y. Dolls received the bulk of the attention, Wayne County was surely its anchor.

How does a person begin to describe her unique contributions. She made better use of toilet seats, 12 foot dildos, motorised vibrators and four letter words than any rock & roll warrior before or after. Ms County has truly been the ultimate pioneer in perversity in the past ten years, and most of the major bands that specialize in shock owe her their very existence.

Through the halcyon days of Max's and CBGB's, into the insanity of the UK punk scene when, together with Johnny Thunders and Cherry Vanilla, Wayne was a part of the 1977 N.Y. rock invasion that shook London to its very foundations and the third jewel in the JUBILEE triple crown the two other stars of that 1978 landmark film were Adam Ant and Toyah and on to the ultimate transformation in Berlin 1980-81 from which Wayne emerged as Jayne, the County phenomenon has once again risen from the ashes. Most of the tracks on this album were recorded in the 1978-1980 period of growth and transformation for Jayne, and unlike most of what was recorded during that savage and erratic period, they are as valid at this moment as they would have been in 1965, 1973 or 1999.

The world has been enjoying a love-hate relationship with Jayne County for almost a decade, and in recent days she has come to enjoy a renewed prominence. Listen to these songs from a true survivor and visionary of rock & roll future because now is the time for a rock & roll reformation and now more than ever is the time for the Queen of outer space, the wonder woman of the year, Ms Jayne County.

Jimi Lalumia
N.Y.C. 1982

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1. Man Enough to Be a Woman 2. Berlin 3. Fuck Off 4. Trying to Get on the Radio 5. It Ain't How Much You Got 6. Night Time 7. Hot Blood 8. Max's Kansas City 9. Toilet Love 10. Eddie & Sheena 11. Bad in Bed 12. I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night 13. Midnight Pal 14. Cream in my Jeans/Stuck on You (Live)

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