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Uppers on the South Downs - Various Artists


Catalogue No: UPPA1D


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Produced by Ray Fenwick; Purple Hearts recordings produced by Andy Arthurs

The Teenbeats:
Huggy Leaver - vocals
Ken Copsey - lead guitar
Paul Thomas - rhythm guitar
Eddie Mays - bass
Dave Blackman - drums

Missing Persons:
Stephen Richfield - vocals
Martin Luckhurst - lead guitar
Robin Heggie - bass
Andy Knight - drums

The Purple Hearts:
Robert Manton - vocals
Jeff Shadbolt - bass
Gary Sparks - drums
Simon Stebbing - guitar/vocals

The Same:
Mark Poole - vocals
David Blundell - lead guitar
Rod Morrison - bass
Alan Dickens - drums

The South Coast Ska Stars:
Tony (Tweet Tweet) Bird - keyboards
Ray Fenwick - guitar
Terry Pack - bass
Wesley Magoogan - Saxes
Kevin Hoad - drums

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1. I Can't Control Myself – The Teenbeats 2. Teenage Beat – The Teenbeats 3. I'll Never Win – The Teenbeats 4. Strength of the Nation – The Teenbeats 5. If I'm Gone Tomorrow – The Teenbeats 6. South Coast Rumble – The South Coast Ska Stars 7. Forever Young – Missing Persons 8. My Life's a Jigsaw – The Purple Hearts 9. Just to Please You – The Purple Hearts 10. The Guy Who Made Her a Star – The Purple Hearts 11. 1918 – The Same 12. I'm a Face – The Same 13. Mystery Girl – Missing Persons 14. Innocent – Missing Persons 15. Head On (Bonus track) – The South Coast Ska Stars

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