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Toyah Live & More

Live Favourites and Rarities

Back in 1982 we first thought of putting out a Toyah "Best Of" collection. She had a string of hits from It's A Mystery to Brave New World from her then newest album "The Changeling". But the hits only told one side of the story. Toyah (the band) had been gigging solidly for several years before the big breakthrough and had built up a devoted live following. There were songs in the set that had never been hits yet were so crucial in the development of the band that they should be considered as important as chart entries, especially in the eyes of the fans.

So we decided to record the last dates of Toyah's 25-date UK tour, at Hammersmith Odeon (now the Labatts Apollo) on July 17 & 18, 1982. The best of these recordings, the chart hits plus the live favourites, are included here. There are live recordings of Jungles of Jupiter (co-written by Toyah and ever present guitarist Joel Bogen with bassist Phil Spalding) and We Are from Toyah's most successful album "Anthem" and Angel And Me which although only just released on "The Changeling" album had already become a centrepiece of the stage show. From the same era came Warrior Rock, previously only available as the B-side of "Brave New World", Toyah's chart hit earlier in the year. Brave New World is featured here along with live versions of four other top ten hits: Good Morning Universe, Thunder in the Mountains, I Want To Be Free plus the singalong It's A Mystery, whose writer, Keith Hale, was the featured keyboard player on the tour. The live line-up was completed by drummer Simon Phillips.

But we thought we should surf back through the archives and find some rarities which had yet to appear on CD. So, for the first time in this format, here is Urban Tribesman from the 1981 Christmas EP "Four More From Toyah" (which contained the studio version of the hit Good Morning Universe), To the Mountains High (only available as the B-side of the 7" single remember them? "Rebel Run"), and some earlier live versions of Victims of the Riddle and the old favourites Neon Womb, Danced and Toyah's 'theme song' Ieya. Perhaps most fascinating is Toyah's version of I Believe in Father Christmas, recorded especially for an ITV Christmas Special in 1982 featuring Toyah, Joel and Keith, and unreleased other than on a very limited edition album in 1985.

In 1982 we thought we would produce a greatest hits album with a difference. Now, in 1998, we have reproduced the album, digitally enhanced on compact disc, and with bonus tracks, to make that difference again.

Chris Rayner

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1. Good Morning Universe 2. Warrior Rock 3. Jungles of Jupiter 4. It's a Mystery 5. Neon Womb 6. Victims of the Riddle 7. Angel and Me 8. Brave New World 9. Urban Tribesman 10. To the Mountains High 11. Danced 12. Thunder in the Mountains 13. We Are 14. I Want to be Free 15. I Believe in Father Christmas 16. Ieya

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