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Step Time - La Bouche


Catalogue No: LAB1D

If you’ve never seen LA BOUCHE live (or on TV) here is an explanation. We are as visual as we are aural. We are music and dance together. Our records are soundtracks for videos/scratch videos. All the music of LA BOUCHE is made with voices (every single sound), either live or played and sequenced on a sound sampled keyboard.


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La Bouche: Angela Robinson, Susan Kenny, Fiona Cullen, Philip Chambon, Andy Arthurs, Nigel (Alan Belk)

Recorded at Basement Studios, Red Shop Recorders, Ezee Studios & Redan Recorders

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1 The Industrial Revolution 2 La Bouche 3 Chop It Down 4 Frightened of the Future 5 In the Garden 6 The Winter 7 Natural Selection 8 Um 9 Ownership 10 Romantic Love 11 Romantic Love 12" Mix (Bonus Track) 12 John Cage (Bonus Track)

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